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Plutimikation is a math learning game for children. It trains basic calculation skills like multiplication in the number range between 1 and 100. It's simple, it works and my daughter likes it. It's free software using the KDE platform.

What's new?

15 November 2008: New release: Plutimikation 0.2.

17 July 2004: First public release: Plutimikation 0.1.

How does it look like?

Here is a screenshot of the mainwindow:

Where do you get it?

The source code is hosted on github. Go to the Plutimikation repository there to view the code, to check it out or to modify it.

There are source tarball for compiling the program by yourself:

Installable packages can be found in the openSUSE Build Service. Go to the Software Search and search for plutimikation.

If you need packages for other SUSE versions or want to provide them for other systems please let me know.

Please send questions or comments to Cornelius Schumacher.